Get Out Of Your Own Way

The scope of problems you think you can solve is limited by your ego and your perception. Remove that from the equation, get out of your own way,  and become a catalyst through which ideas and value flow.

Matt Bodnar

Matt loves to focus on making deals and big picture strategy. He sets out each day to give more than he takes from every interaction and produce as much value as possible for his partners and the people he works with. As a partner at Fresh Hospitality Matt invests in and operates businesses across the restaurant value chain including agriculture, production, retail distribution, real estate, technology and restaurant operations. Matt previously worked as an import/export consultant in Nanjing, China and spent several years on the Interest Rates Desk at Goldman Sachs before returning to his family roots in Nashville.

One thought on “Get Out Of Your Own Way

  1. Excellent concept Matt, being the Catalyst between the problem and the solution. Knowing the people around you well enough to match them with others that can help in specific areas of there lives. Thank you for sharing.

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