I help high performance companies master the game of mental performance. 

Demolish Your Limits. Unleash Monster Growth.

Whatever challenges your business is facing, I will help you uncover the limiting beliefs holding you back and give you the mental tools to power through any problems.

I’m going to turn your mindset inside out and give you the mental tools to unleash monster growth. 

What Companies I Work With

My clients don’t need me.

In fact, their companies are great. They work with me when they are ready to be pushed to their next level of success.

I’m extremely selective about the companies I do work with. I’m looking for people who are courageous, action-oriented, and who are committed to really putting in the work.

I’m committed for EVERY business that I work with, including yours, to get a MINIMUM of a 10X ROI for the investment in The Mindset of Performance. If your company is not large enough for this investment to make sense, please do not apply.

Full Day Seminar: The Mindset of Performance

Fly me in and I will conduct a deep, highly engaging full day seminar with you and your team. You will learn to master the mindset of world class performance that has enabled everyone from Roman emperors to world champion martial artists to crush the obstacles in their way and achieve success beyond what they thought was possible. This seminar will give your team the tools they need to rocket your company to the next level of performance.

Due to schedule constraints, I only conduct a very limited handful of seminars per year. Apply below to get on the waitlist for next years seminars.

Click Here To Apply For The Seminar

Here’s What Some of My Clients Have to Say

“I would credit Matt with having the most profound impact on my transformation over the past two years in how I think about business, approaching opportunities, strategy, team building, working through problems and being my best self. Ultimately, I would not be on the path I am on today were it not for Matt. When I reflect on why he has been so helpful in my life, I believe it boils down to realizing he is in the constant pursuit of mastering these aspects within his own life, and is unbelievable at sharing what he finds with others. Matt has become one of the most trusted and valuable people in my life and I would highly recommend his services.”

-Chase Gilbert, Founder & CEO of DataFi


nathan headshot“Every time I speak with Matt, no matter how briefly we interact, I walk away with new wisdom. Matt’s insights come from the kind of solid foundation we all wish we had taken time in to build. I’d recommend you borrowing his wisdom, following his lead, and garnering every ounce of insight you can from him.”

-Nathan Maggard, Founder & CEO of Ten Fast Feet



“I run a software company, and there’s a million different things to do every day – most of which useless distractions. Matt has been instrumental in helping us choose the two or three things we MUST do every day, week, month, and year. Plus, he’s a blast to talk to!”

-Teja Yenamandra, Founder & CEO of 



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